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Steaming at the Poker Table is OK (ish) – Tilting isn’t

In the world of high-stakes poker, a level head and collected demeanour mean everything. Unfortunately, even the most ice-cool of players can encounter an awkward hand or run of bad luck. While some can hold their bluff, others can’t help but succumb to the steam. It’s not great form to lose your discipline at the […]

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Why and when to check-raise in poker

The poker check-raise is one of the most effective tools in the poker player’s toolkit. But, it is crucial to make the check-raise move at precisely the right time. What is the poker check-raise? To ‘check’ in poker means to pass on a certain round. In other words, as everyone is going round and placing […]

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The what, when and why of the squeeze play in poker

You know you’re not always going to win every game, but there’s a few tricks every player should have up their sleeve to increase their chances. You don’t always get a visual on your opponents when you play online poker, so mastering the squeeze play strategy makes up for not being able to spot poker […]

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Pocket Pairs Paying Off – Set-mining in Texas Hold’em Poker

If you’re looking for special moves and advanced techniques that will add an edge to your poker sessions, set-mining is one of the best options to begin with. Learning this technique is very easy and the payoff can be tremendous if you use it right. Set-mining is suitable for cashing in on no-limit Texas holdem, […]

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